Time to Play - Field Day at City Park

Time to Play - Field Day at City Park
Posted on 07/01/2015

What do you do when your school is uninhabitable because it's election day and you're a polling place? Go to the nearest beautiful park and throw a field day!

And after running around for several hours, we then ate like there was no tomorrow. Thanks, parents, for the elementary-school kid's dream lunch: nachos, pizza, grilled foods, chips, cold drinks, and more. Let's commend our teachers for gathering the enthusiasm to lead our children through hours of field day "stations" like tug of way, volleyball, relay races, hula hooping, frisbee, kickball, and the "mature" jungle gym complete with cargo net. Of course, our kids rose to the occasion with smiles and Christian competitiveness. Whining was at an all-time minimum and "behavior" was simply behavior and not misbehavior. Everyone stepped up and we made nice memories of a beautiful fall morning. Maybe the day's memories will help to anchor us as St. Paul Tigers, or deepen our students' loyalty, or even teach us a little about how to love others. Mr. Raines, Mrs. Brady, and Mrs. Green, thank you especially, for making a far-fetched idea into a morning like no other.
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