Serving as a Practice

Serving as a Practice
Posted on 07/01/2015
GardeningAs Lutheran Schools Week continues, we're reminding each other how and why we serve others.

Lutheran Schools Week has been a cause for celebration. This week, we're raising awareness and giving gratitude for being part of a special network (2nd largest for parochial schools in the nation) that believes in the power of God's grace and love and puts them into practice. As we're all called to serve, our students had the chance to give of themselves for the sake of giving on Tuesday morning. Between our various grades, students coordinated and completed service projects for those as near as Frenchman Street and as far as deployed servicemen and women. Students participated in gardening and planting, making sandwiches for homeless people, making bookmarks for library patrons, singing to seniors in a nursing home, and picking up trash in the surrounding community. We hope to plant the seed that grows into a value and love for serving others so that our children can grow to answer Jesus' call and build the communities in which they settle!
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