"St. Paul Lutheran School promotes excellence in education. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The focus is on students and helping them exceed goals and to reach grand heights."

"Post Katrina we moved to another area. Those two years we missed the standard of education and the family setting that we had become so used to at St. Paul. This factor was great enough to influence our return to New Orleans."

"I strongly recommend St. Paul to anyone seeking a family oriented environment filled with support for their children and enthusiasm to educate, challenge, and exceed expectations." - Lynn Pittman

"I have been very happy and extremely grateful for St. Paul's teachers and staff. My children, coming from a public school to St. Paul, are now challenged and encouraged to learn. Small classroom size helps teachers give individualized attention to kids who really need it."

"The Lord is a big part of the school. The Lord's work truly shines though our children because of this school. Their love for our Lord and children are a blessing, and my deep gratitude as a parent cannot be expressed enough." - Jessica Burkhardt

"Our experience at St. Paul Lutheran School has been a very rewarding one. Our middle son entered mid-year, but was welcomed with open arms and helped to get up-to-speed quickly. The school does a great job at trying to tailor the educational experience to the individual children."

We were also very blessed by the generosity in providing scholarship funds to help us with the cost of tuition. They truly see the school as a ministry to the community and do not let finances be a stopper for a child to be able to attend. They treated us with grace and kindness throughout the entire process."

Our family is glad to have been able to come to know the teachers and the administrator, They are very accessible and genuinely care about the children. We pray for God's blessings on them as they continue to serve the children and the community." - Paul Malinich

"The teachers' personal attention, coupled with high academic standards, have helped our daughters excel. In addition to the academics, they are learning the great truths of the Christian faith through religion class and scripture memorization."

"When my family returned from their Hurricane Katrina evacuation in February of 2006, St. Paul welcomed us back with open arms at a time when most schools were still not open. Our family has been truly blessed by the relationships, faith, and commitment of the St. Paul faculty." - Charlie Dale

"We couldn't be happier with the experience that our daughters are having at St. Paul. When we moved back to New Orleans two years ago we weren't sure what to do about education. We visited lots of different schools, public and parochial. But the search ended when we visited St. Paul. It was obvious in our discussions that Mr. Schiller and all of the teachers and staff loved their work and cared about the kids. Our daughters have thrived there. They enjoy going to school and like to learn. Thank you, St. Paul; you've made all the difference!" - Kevin & Christie Kieschnick