Assistance Hours

Parents are expected to “assist” in the work of our school community’s activities. We believe that this kind of community service lends to the excellence of our programs, the better understanding our parents, and confidence of our students. Each family is required to assist by serving our school community for at least 15 hours per year. Some examples of the generous assistance given by parents this past year were:

  • Joining a class on a field trip or outdoor education experience as a chaperone
  • Reading with or tutoring students within the school day or after school
  • Volunteering in the Extended Learning Day Program to lead a session or share a talent
  • Cleaning, organizing, or setting up for a class project as directed by the teacher
  • Accepting and serving in any PTL-appointed position
  • Assisting at Fall Fest, Spring Fest, the Christmas Concert, the School Support Auction, Fish Fry, or the Welcome Back Dinner
  • Supporting the school secretary through stapling, copying, or distributing the school newsletter
  • Soliciting gifts, valuable donations, or coordinating fundraising
  • Volunteering to supervise lunch as requested by the administrator
  • Assisting with coaching or with a particular athletic event
  • Contributing to a career day or other special event day
  • Offering to assist in library tasks like restocking or inputting new titles in our system
  • Assisting a teacher with grading or by responding to other teacher need requests
  • Helping to direct traffic flow in the morning or afternoon