Track Student Achievement

We try to make tracking a child's growth and achievement easy and accessible for parents. In addition to progress reports, emails, meetings and phone calls, we send home a weekly "Classwork Slip" and post grades online with Gradelink.

A Classwork Slip is a note from a child's teacher that lists the child's significant grades from the prior week. They are distributed Tuesday and must be signed by a parent and then returned.

With Gradelink you can stay updated on you or your child's academic progress at school. The following information is available to you when you log in to Gradelink:

-Current Grade in each class
-Current GPA for the term
-Descriptions, Grades, and Teacher Comments for graded assignments
-Email Alerts you can configure for grades and attendance
-Attendance Information

To access this information go to and click on the green Log In button. Then use your individualized login information to access your account. These are distributed to every family and copies can be acquired by contacting the school office (504) 947-1773 or by sending a message through the "Contact Us" item on right side of the menu bar on the school's homepage.